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what is Facebook

Facebook, a social networking site formed in 2004 by a Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg was widespread to other districts of U.S. Soon it spread to nearly all institutions in U.S. with a registration of nearly 120,000 students at the institutions where the Facebook was available had created profiles. This continued to increase and in 2004 the number increased to one million users. In the fall of 2005, the facebook changed its name to Facebook. Around 65% users logged in Facebook each day and within 24 hours of span there were at least 300 million pages viewed by the users itself. It became one of the top ten sites in sake of traffic on internet and it came out to be a huge success story. 

Definition Of Facebook

Facebook defines itself as: “a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.” People use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, upload photos, share textual, audio and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. People or users can search for other users on Facebook either to find them or to contact them via phone, or Facebook. People can also connect to their friends and family via Facebook just by adding them as friend or sending them a friend request. Adding friends simply requires clicking a mouse and responding to an e-mail sent to verify the friendship.  

An Introduction To Facebook

User Profile Of Facebook With the expansion of the Internet social networking sites arise. People are using social media to communicate with their friends and family online and maintain Introduction these interpersonal connections in multiple ways that were not available in previous generations. Due to the growth of new social software applications today people connect and interact through computer- ediated communication of which Facebook is most popular.

The number of active users of social networking sites is expected to increase to 336 million by 2020 and majority of the users are using Facebook for different purposes. According to statistics of 2016, there were more than 195 million Facebook users in India as compared to 191 million in U.S and 90 million in Brazil making it the largest Facebook user country in the world. Facebook penetration rate in India is also expected to increase from almost 15 percent in 2016 to around 23 percent in 2021(Statista.com, 2018). 

Facebook have made people crazy with its addiction as every individual gets at least a minute to open it for liking or commenting a picture uploaded on it. People forget the things while chatting on Facebook and many works remain pending as Facebook starts to consume their whole day. As of June 2017, Facebook has over 194.11 million active users more than half of them using Facebook on mobile device. Facebook allows any users who declare themselves to be at least 13 years old to become registered users of the site. Users must register before using the site.

Users must register before using the site, after which they may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile pictures. There are 10 million children under 13 with accounts, violating the site’s terms of service. 

Facebook Advertising ! what is facebook ads

For Facebook advertising more than twenty percent advertisers approach for an online advertisement and this is the main reason why social media sites are becoming popular. Businesses are adopting social platform so that they could easily understand the actual need of consumers so that they could act upon it (Hemsley, 2009). Because of a great number of users on social media, advertisers too have opted to come into Facebook advertisements which could help them visit the profile of numerous users, create a page on Facebook to be viewed by millions and sharing the products and services offered by them which could reach out to many Facebook users. There are numerous staregies adopted by these advertisers to complete with others on social platform which give them high popularity among children, youth or old aged. Facebook demands two requirements to be fulfilled by the advertisers to spread it to millions of users across the country. Firstly, advertisements must be followed according to the links on Facebook pages. Secondly, the response of users must be calculated by advertisers in order to modify, create or edit the recent or upcoming advertisement on facebook. 

Facebook is of course active in promoting their ad service on the site To create advertisement on Facebook, advertisers must visit the site to get through an application which has to be filled. While it is also possible to create a facebook page with One’s own facebook profile or ID. Facebook is popular among advertisers for advertisements because of its wide content and generosity towards acceptability. People can anytime, anywhere select any kind or form of advertisement with different pattern and styles which goes together with the interest and style of consumers as well. There is an ease to target audiences on behalf of Facebook as it attract consumers easily on Facebook rather than any other social media sites. After creating the advertisements, advertisers can easily put it on Facebook and it will be visible to every user in their newsfeed which will not disturb them while surfing. After such posts, the views can share it with other fellow mates or friends so that they can also be aware of the products an services provided by the advertisers. The sharing of advertisements through stories could earn advertisers huge amount of money and these statistics can be tracked by the advertisers at any time and any place. Such acts by Facebook help new starters to gear up and work harder.

The advertisement views can be easily calculating by noting the number of times any person clicks on the particular ad which directs them to the advertisement page. Knowingly, it is important for the viewers to land up in the advertisement page as after that only a view could be counted. Also, a special function on Facebook is also available regarding the amount of money any particular advertisers wants to spend each day by which Facebook tries to calculate accordingly. (Neilson, 2010)


Features Of Facebook Advertisement

1. Facebook advertising is highly effective

Facebook is considered to be the most effective platform for social media

advertising due to the following reasons:

  • Facebook has more than 1.23 billions of active users
  • Facebook advertisement work for B2C as well as B2B
  • It increases the business of companies on a high scale

2. Easy set up process and fast results:

  • No large amount is to be spend on facebook advertisement
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to set up an ad on facebook
  • Managing those ads are trouble-free

3. Audience could be reached easily:

  • Facebook has more than 1.2 billion active users daily who can easily view the ads placed on facebook
  • Facebook reach out to the audiences according to their interest and searches made by the customers on internet 

4. Highly customized facebook ads:

Facebok provides exact same ad which a marketer want. It keeps in mind the

following points:

  • The purpose of the ad
  • To attract audience
  • Requesting the audience to view and revert back
  • Understanding the need of customers

5. Facebook keeps on adding new features:

Facebook adds new features every month which help the facebook ads to get better day by day. Minimum six features are added by facebook every month which is an effective change on ads placed on facebook. It helps the marketer to get more customers and spread their business with no difficulty ( Saunders & Thornhill 1993). 

Facebook Ad Types ! what is facebook ads

1. Link click ads

2. Video ads

3. Boosted page posts-It is a simple facebook post having sponsored on the top of the ad.

4. Multi-Product (Carousel Ads) – Such types ad shows upto ten pictures or video at a same time, shows up different links etc. These types of ads are placed mostly to promote the shops or the products available in the shops

5. Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) – Facebook’s dynamic product ads are like re-marketing display ads on steroids. They target users based on past actions (or inactions) on your website or application with a perfectly timed ads.

6. Facebook Lead Ads – These types of ads are signed up and downloaded by people without leaving the facebook platform. This helps the marketer to get the email address of the customers easily.

7. Canvas ads – Canvas is an interactive ad that lets users engage with content on Facebook and is currently only  vailable on mobile. With Canvas, target audience members can swipe through a carousel of images, tilt the image in different directions, and/or zoom in or zoom out by moving their fingertips.  

8. Collection ads – These types of ads showcase multiple products which are sold on the website. Collection ads help the customers to view, discover and buy products in a better and effective way.

9. Page like ads – Page Like Ads are the go-to ads for increasing your page Likes. They can be displayed on all placements and include a visible call to action for users to immediately Like your page.

10. Page post photo ads – These types of ads are used to increase the likes and fans through beautiful pictures. A link could also be added in the text description of the post which would help the right person to open it.

11. Page post photo video ads – It is the same kind of ad shown above and increases the page fans and likes through beautiful pictures shown in the video.

12. Page post text – This ad format is same as it was in page post photo ads without pictures. Page post photo ads are more effective as they consist of different and beautiful kinds of pictures which are effective to attract a customer.

13. Mobile app ads – These types of ads are displayed on the mobile newsfeed for those who want to install new applications in their mobile.  

14. Desktop app ads – This ad unit allows driving users to Facebook app and making people engage with it.

15. Instagram mobile app ads – Through facebook marketer can also advertise their mobile app on Instagram.

16. Event ads – Facebook Events could be used by the event organizer to attract visitors according to the reach of the event which could be set by the marketer or the organizer.

17. Offer claims ad – These kinds of ads are used to attract the customers to particular stores. It shows different type of offers which could be redeemed by using the link.

18. Local awareness ads – This is another way of attracting the customer to stores who are near to the store.

19. External Website Ads : External website ads are the medium by which businesses make their target audiences ware of their products and services. In some cases it is used to promote a company’s brand and its values rather

than singling out a specific item.  

20. Inline Like : Inline ads, commonly referred to as “Banners” or “Rectangles”, are ad units that appear inline with other app content. Inline ads are often found at the top or bottom of your screen while reading articles and searching through content. We recommend using inline ads on both Smartphones and tablets in cases where the user is reading and/or interacting with content on the same screen for a period of time.

21. App Ad : Mobile app ads help you get more people to install and engage with your app once that is complete, you can then create and run app ads in ads manager. If you or your organizations are working with a facebook marketing partner, your partner can complete all the technical set up you need.

22. Page Post : Facebook page post ads help you share information about your business with people. You can use them to extend your page posts beyond your page and inspire people to take action. And with insights such as how

many people like, shared or commented on your ad, page post ads help you understand the kinds of stories and content your audience like so that you can create more of what they love

23. Mobile App Install : Mobile apps can play a key role in growing your business. Facebook app install ads help you connect with the people who are more likely to install your app- and get more people actually using it. App install ads can be shown across Facebook, Instagram and audience network. They link directly to the app store, Google play and kindle firestore, so people can download your mobile app immediately.

24. Event RSVP : Create an event directly from your page, then spread the word about it with facebook event response ads to make your event a success. You will choose the audience who may want to come to your event, based on things such as age, gender, interests, and where they live. When they join your event it will automatically be added to their calendar on Facebook.

25. Sponsored Page like Story : Sponsored page like story are ads that are 240 pixels wide and can have a variable height. They are auto- created from “actions” people take with your business (your Facebook Page, a Facebook widget on your website or an actual post on your website (if you claim your Domains).

26. Sponsored App Action Story

27. Sponsored Page Post Action Story

28. Sponsored Page Post like Story

Why Companies Opt For Facebook Advertisements


As per statistics, Facebook is considered as the most expensive and leading social media company on earth. Almost every sector companies are now using Facebook as marketing tool. But there are both positives as well as negative aspects of facebook regarding these companies. Facebook show good as well as bad reviews on companies having Facebook page independently. For the betterment of company, one must always follow the interest of users following them. Facebook pages are not for personal use and it must be primarily used to increase the campaign of its products and services. Most importantly, Facebook plays a major role in enhancing social responsibility of companies’ towards the environment and towards their customers.


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