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Such a film has been made, which impresses the audience and
Chhattisgarh Film Industry which is called Chaliwood Chhollywood. The CG film
list includes many Chhattisgarhi movies, whose real phase happened with the
formation of the new state of Chhattisgarh. However, some famous films were
made in the black and white era.

Since 2000, there has been an emphasis on films focused on
youth and family, as well as modern CG songs, some of the famous singers in CG
Singer have always been evergreen and new CG singers are also continuously
singing good songs.

Sun Sun Maya Ke Dhun Chhattisgarhi Movie is one such great
Chhattisgarhi movie, Sun Sun Maya’s tune is this series because it is based on
Devendra Sahu, Monica Sharma, this is also Devendra Sahu, Monica Sharma love
story which will be liked a lot. The audience wanted Devendra Sahu, Monika
Sharma to make films in a new story even further.



 Sun Sun Maya Ke Dhun 


 Gyanesh Hardel, Devendra Sahu, Monika
Sharma, Aabha Devdas, Rajnish Jhanjhi, Nakul Mahalwar, Santosh Nishad, Raju
Panday, Dr. Chandan Singh, Raju Chandravansi, Anjali Singh, Sarla Sen, Uravsi
Sahu, Sweeti Maske,  Anil Agarwal, Ram
Kumar Chauhan etc.


 RK, Sunil Soni



 RK, Sunil Soni

Music Director

 RK, Sunil Soni


 Gyanesh Hardel,
Satish Dewangan

Associate Director

 Amar Tiwari


 Satish Dewangan


 Gyanesh Hardel


 Pawan Reddy, Ankit

Editing – 

  di Satish Dewangan


 Ashish, Anjay

Sound Design

 Anjay Agarwal,
Shomesh Sahu


 Shomesh Sahu


 Nandu Tandi,
Shivendra Katlam


 Murad Khan, Vilas
Raut, Sanjay Singh

Action Director

 Sanju Sahu

Post Production

 Skyline24f Studio

Recording Studio

 The M Spece, Raipur

Production Manager

 Anil Agarwal


 Vijay Tandan

Music on


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Friends, the tune release date of Sun Sun Maya is 17 February 2023, as soon as it arrives, it will be notified to you and the tunes of Sun Sun Maya will be made available to you after the release.  

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