Kamal Vihar Raipur Plots Price | Kamal Vihar Devpuri Plots At Lower Prices

Kamal Vihar Devpuri Plots news-

Kamal Vihar Raipur Plots

There is good news
for those who take plots in Kamal Vihar. The RDA is now preparing to sell the
slanted plot at lower prices. In fact, efforts are being made to sell the
oblique plot for the last 12 years, but due to design glitches, its buyers are
not being found. 

For this reason, the board of directors of RDA is revising the
rot of the plot from Rs 2000 per square foot to Rs 1400 to Rs 1500. That is,
500 to 600 per square foot is being reduced. According to Kamal Vihar
operators, the price of oblique plots in Kamal Vihar is also equal to the
normal plot, so buyers are not available. 

After the rate is revised, the float
is likely to be sold. The bank’s loan will be repaid from the revenue received
after selling the lot. The rate of land in Kamal Vihar is 2000 thousand
savarna.  It has been fixed according to
the feet. At the same time, 10 percent more has to be paid for corner plots.

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