importance of sports! about importance of sports

importance of sports! about importance of sports


importance of sports
importance of sports

some thinkers, sport is a physical activity always
associated with competition among nations or teams for the pride and glory of
winning. It is bound up 
with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of
all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence” But just as sport has
the capacity to awaken exaggerated 
nationalistic sentiments, intolerance and even
violence, both in athletes and spectators, there is also a sector of society
that supports the notion that sport can serve 
as a means to advance social development processes.
The use of sport to bring about social change has been recently promoted by a
variety of international actors, notably 
the United Nations, International Development
Agencies, and the International Olympic Committee among others. Working
together with non-governmental 
organizations, sport federations, and the private
sector under a strategy referred to as Sport for Development and Peace (SDP),
they have become supportive of the idea 
that sport is indeed valuable when addressing issues
related to human justice and equality.


importance of sports-

There are so many benefits of
sports either physically socially or psychologically, it benefits human being
in many diverse ways. Few of them are mentioned below.

importance of sports-1. Sport plays a role as
Promoter for Peace The idea of using sport as a tool to curb social conflict is
not new. It was known in in ancient Greece with the establishment of Olympic
Treaty which defines 
that when Olympic Games were started in honour of
God ZEUS all the wars were stopped and best war soldiers were sent to
participate in these games. Spectators, 
athletes, artists and their families were able to
travel to the Olympic Games and return to their places of origin in total
safety. This defines when people used to be 
uncivilized & un-socialized even at that time
sports forced them to stop wars and fight for the honour and Glory of nation.


importance of sports-2. Why Sport?

The whole world has acknowledged the potential of
sport and physical activity to support peace building efforts and building
nations strong. The United Nations   
Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization
(UNESCO), for example, has point out that, to achieve the goals of peace and
development, it is very important to 
identify the cultural scopes of sport. Besides this
several other agencies within the United Nation system use sport as component
in their peace and development work.

Sports dont
constraint itself to borders it flourishes itself and makes strong bond between
the nations. Sports play a leading role in socialization. Following are some of 
its core benefits(importance of sports).

Universality of sport

Sport doesnt differentiate on the basis of colour, caste,
creed or sex. The use  of sport as an
interference tactic is supported by the conviction that the popularity of
sport offers a hook to bring multiple stakeholders
and at-risk populations into community prosperity programs.

Ability of sport to connect people

One important characteristic of sport is its
capacity to bond people and communities in an extremely effective and real
manner. When they are inclusive, 
these communities turn into important areas of
social networking nurturing a capacity to work in a cooperative manner.

Potential of sport to inspire and motivate

Sport inspires and motivates people. In addition,
sport encourages self-esteem, physical and mental health and nurtures positive
influences with others. Sport can also 
serve as a „classroom where participants learn about social skills such
as teamwork, leadership and cooperation, thus providing an ideal environment to
foster healthy 
individual and collective development. 

Dimensions of sport to nurture peace building

Although the relationship between sport and peace
is not always apparent, there have been several instances where sport has been
instrumental in supporting   
formal processes of peace building and conflict

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