History of Chhattisgarh! cg history notes

History of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh History

Ancient chhattisgarh history

In The Centre Of India Situated  Adjacent  To Madhya Pradesh Located At The South Eastern Part This Part Of Land Is Known As Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) In Ancient Time South Koshal, Mahakantar, Dandakaranya Mahakaushal Mekal ETC  Areas Ware Included In It During The Kalachuri Periods According Of Of Fort Of The Ruling Kings Who Was Named As Chhattisgarh In Ratanpur Estate There Where 18 Forts And Also In Raipur Estate There Where 18 Forts. River Mahanadi And Sivanath Where Its Border Man Can Be Seen At Singhanpur At Raigarh, Kabra  Mountain Form Of Art

Picture In In Chitwadongari At Durg. Sore  At  Balod  Dhamtari Route Mujgahan  Karkabhat  And Also At Basna.  Saraipali Near Ballia Village We Can See Some Terms In The Fort Of Stone Pillar Rajim Is  Is Known As The Holly Pilgrimage Of Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) In Panduka Village Near Sirgitti River Summary Mans Of River Port Can Be Seen. Through The River Water Route Of Mahanadi River Hirakund Trade Was Done By Boat To Sambalpur.

Proof Of Civilization Of Early In Sarguja Districts An Old Theatre Is Situted . It Is said That Great Poet Kalidas, Wrote The Poem Meghdoot Here. According To The Peoples Belief, In
(Bastar) God Rama Had Come Here. Chhattisgarh’s Ramgiri
Sitabengra, Bhimkhoj Etc.Place Are Related To The Period Of Ramayana  And

Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) Has Its Importance In Every Period Of Indian
History, Like-Paleolithic Age, Vedic Age Ramayan-Mahabharat Period, Great Civil Period, Maurya, Shung, Satwahan, Wakatak, Gupta Period, Sharabpuriya, Somvansh, Pandu vansh, Nal vansh, Nagvansh,
Kalchuri Period, Mahabharata Period And Also With The British Rule. This Place Was Influenced With All These Incidence.

In Bilaspur Region Remains Of Ancient Sculpture And Relics Were Found In Mallhar Village, Statue Of Popular Rudra Shiv At Talagaon, Laxman Temple
Amde Out Of Bricks In Sirpur, Rajiv Lochan Temple At Rajim, Mahamaya Temple At
Ratanpur, Raipur And Ambikapur, Danteshwari Temple Of Dantewada , Shiv Temple
Of Bhoramdev, Ganesh Temple Of Barsoor Bastat Are Popular. In Mallhar  Sirpur, Aarang, Rajim, Ratanpur Ancient Remains
Are Found Related To Jainism And Budhism, Pali, Jangir, Kharod, Nagri
Sihawa, Bastar, Daongargarh, Khairagarh, Sarangarh, Patrahi, Dev
Baloda, Gandai, Champaran, Raipur, Durg, Dhamtari Etc Are The Important Historical

Medival chhattisgarh history

In Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) Near About From The End Of Tenth Century To The
Mid Of 18th Century Kalchuri Or Haihev Vanshi Kings Ruled .But Later On In 1741
Marathas Came.

Bhonsle’s Of Nagpur, Rajkumar Bimbaji Bhosle Ruled Chhattisgarh(Chhattisgarh History) From Ratanpur. And Later On Subedari Rule Of Feudalism Started. Again English
Interfered In It. After The Death Of Raja Raghuji Third, English Rule Agin
Started From 1854 To 1947 British Rule Prevailed In Chhattisgarh . Here Ther
Was 14 Feural Ruled Areas And Many Jamindars Were There.

In The Society Of Chhattisgarh There Was Follower Of Kabir Panth
And Satnam Panth. Its Ideals Influenced The People ‘Guru Ghasi Das Was A Era OriginarTor. In The Beginning Of The 19 Th Century He Brought Social Awakening
Among The People.

Modern chhattisgarh history

Veer Narayan Singh Jamindar Of Sonakhan Fought Agianst The Outrage
And Injustice Done By English. He Was The Leader Of 1857 Struggle In Chhattisgarh 
(Chhattisgarh History) .
On 10 Th December 1857 At Raipur In The Presence Of People And Soldiers He Was
Hanged Publicly. Under The Leadership Of Hanuman Singh Rajput On 18 Th January
1858 At Raipur Camp Revolt Took Place. There One English Officer Sidnell WAS Killed
Britishers On 22 Nd January 1958 Arrested The Revolutionist And Hanged
Them. Amoung The Martyrs Were Gaji Khan, Abdul Haque, Mullu, Shivnarayan, Panna Lal
, Matadin, Thakur Singh, Akbar Hussain, Bali Dubey, Lalla Singh, Buddhoo, Parmanannd,
Shobha Ram, Durga prasad, Nazar Mohammsd, Shiv Govind And Devidin, These Martyrs
Cannot Be Forgotten. Their Sacrifice And Martyrdom Gave Rise To Awakening In
The Peole. Revolutionist Leader Hanuman Singh Rajput Could Not Be Arrested.

Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) Literary Scholars Were Pandit Gopal Misra, Pandit
Makhan Mishra, Poet Khande Rao, Bahu Rewa Kayasth, Pandit Shivdutt
Shastri, Gowraha, Padum Lal Padumlal Bakshi, Mahamanav Upadhav, Heer Lal Raja
Kamal Narayan Singh Pandit Madhav Raodapre, Pandit Sunder Lal Sharma, Pandit
Lochan Prassad Pande, Pandit Mukutdhar Opande, Babu Pyarelal Gupt, Pandit
Bal shastri, Jha,Pandit Kedar Nath Thakur, Pt Ram dayal Tiwari, Moullana Abdul
Rauf, Mawli Prasad Shirvastava, Pt Dwarika Prasad Tiwari, Vipra, Etc Were The
Main. They Played An Imporetant Role In The Development Of Literature And
Culture Of The Area.


In Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh History) Awakening Of Political And Literary Consciousness Was Done By Pandit RavishankarShukla, Waman Rao Lakhe, Pt Narayan Rao Megha Wale, Thakur Pyarelal Singh,
Barrister Chheddi Lal, Pt Ratnakar Jha, Dr Khubchand Baghel, Smt Mini Mata , Pt
Umadutt Pathak, Pt. Vidyarthi Thakur, Pt. Dhruvnath Thakur, Ghanshyam Singh
Gupta, Pt Jwala Prasad Misra, Babu Chotelal Shrivastav, Pt. Sunder Lal Tripathi.
Dr, Radha Bai And Smt Daya Bai Who All Had An Important Role.


Pandit Sunderlal Sharma, Thank Pyarelal And Khoob Chand Baghel,
Did Important Work For The Welfare Of The Backward Class, Peasants And Workers.
H=Mahatma Gandhi Praised Pandit Sunderlal Sharma For The Reformayion Of


Chhattisgarh(Chhattisgarh History) Youths, Formed Armed Movement Before Quit India
Movement. This Incident Was Kwon As Raipur Conspiracy Case Or It Is Also Known
As Sur Brothers Cas. Paras Ram Soni, Pt Devikant Jha, Sudhir Mukharjee,
Surbrothers, Ranveer Shastri Ahr The Youths Who Took Part. In Armed Back Movement.
Thakur Ram Krishna Singh, Pt Kamal Narayan Sharma, Pt Ramanand Dubey, Ranveer
Singh Shastri, Pt Ratnakar Jha , Ram Gopal Tiwari, Mahant Laxmi Narayan Das
Motilal Tripati Were Active.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s Was Also Over Chhattisgarh, Barrister
Chheddi Lal And Band Master Tripuri Were Also Active In Congress. Former
Collector Of Raipur And Durg Shri Ram krishna Patel Left Government Service And
Joined The National Movement Police Officer Of Durg Pt Lakhan Lal Mishra Give
Up The Uniform And Dedicated To Work For The National Movement.

On 15 August 1947 With The Sunrise Of The Message Of Independence,
Prosperity Was Enlightened To All Of Us. We Should Always Move Towards
Development. Our Chhattisgarh Is Also A Part Of It. Equal Respect To All Religion And Equal Fraternity In The Society At The Sentiments, Which Are In
The Minds If The People Of Chhattisgarh.

Culture Of Chhattisgarh Is Glorious And The Customs Are Remarkable.
That Makes The People To Come Closer To Each Other. Like Flowing Water Of Holy
River Mahanadi The Sentiment To Respect For All Religion Is Assimilated In The
Ideas Of The People Of Chhattisgarh

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