dark room assistant syllabus ! cg vyapam dark room assistant 2021

cg vyapam dark room assistant syllabus-dark room assistant 2021

  • Total 150 marks (कुल 150 अंक)
  • Total 100 questions. (कुल 100 प्रश्न )
  • 50 questions of general knowledge and 50 questions related to the subject. 100 marks of 2 marks

सामान्य  ज्ञान का 50 प्रश्न एवं विषय से सम्बंधित 50 प्रश्नं प्रत्येेक प्रश्नो अंकों का 100 अंक

dark room assistant syllabus ! cg vyapam dark room assistant 2021

General Knowledge – 50 marks (50 question)

  • Current events and sports in relation to India and Chhattisgarh.
  • Tribes, dialect, Teej festival and tourism center of Chhattisgarh.
  • General Science (12th Biology
    Faculty Level)
  • General mental ability (reasoning, seeing relationships, enology
    numerical ability)
  • General information about computer (use of computer, its major parts,
    access to internet)
  • General Knowledge of General Hindi, General English and Chhattisgarhi

सामान्‍य ज्ञान का पाठ्यक्रम

  1. समसामायिक घटनाएं एवं खेल भारत एवं छत्तीसगढ़ के संबंध में।
  2. छत्तीसगढ़ की जनजातियांबोलीतीज त्‍यौहार एवं पर्यटन केन्‍द्र।
  3. सामान्‍य विज्ञान ( 12 वीं जीवविज्ञान संकाय स्‍तर )
  4. सामान्‍य मानसिक योग्‍यता (तर्क करनासंबंध देखनाएनॉलॉजी आंकिक योग्‍यता )
  5. कंम्‍प्‍युटर की सामान्‍य जानकारी ( कंम्‍प्‍युटर का उपयोगउसके प्रमुख भागइंटरनेट का उपयोग )
  6. सामान्‍य हिन्‍दीसामान्‍य अंग्रेजी व छत्तीसगढी भाषा का सामान्‍य ज्ञान।

cg vyapam dark room assistant 2021 syllabus ! सीजी व्‍यापम डार्क रूम असिस्‍टेंड सिलेबस

subject related  questions 50 marks (100 question)

 1-physics (10+2 level)

2-Biology (10+2 level) Specially Human

  • Alimentary System
  • Urinary Tract Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder and urethra, Urinary secretion.
  • Nervous system
  • Special sense Organs
  • Genit-Urinary system
  • Anatomy Physiology and pathology (Basic)

3-Hospital Practice and care of the patient

4-Equipment of radio dignostic radiography

5-Radio graphic technique

6-knowledge of equipment for diagnostic radiography

  • High- tension control equipment
  • apparatus behaviour and addictive tube loading,exposure timers
  • fluroscopy
  • special equipment

7-must be conversant with the following radiographic photography

  • photographic aspects of radiography
  • X-ray materials

8-Flurescent screen photography

9-Equipment for miniature radiography


  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Elementary system & others like Broncography, Intra Venous pylography, Fislulography ba. swallow, Ba.meal, Angiography etc.

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