Blockchain-introduction, advantages, application Blockchains technology

BLOCKCHAINS INRODUCTION  The Blockchain is breakthrough that the world was looking forward to after the advent of the Internet. It’s a path-breaking and irrefutable original and clever invention of none other but the inventor of the Bitcoins. Undeniable, Blockchains was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto to ensure the accounting of the Bitcoins and was thus a  subsystem of … Read more

Smartphone Definition & Features

What is Smartphone । Smartphone Definition & Features A smartphone is defined as “a mobile phone that offers advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality, and that is no longer limited to making voice calls”.  Taking technical perspective into consideration  inspected several smartmobile phones from various vendors and rated them according to its features, form factor, weight, and energy.  … Read more

Kondanar website-List of products

Kondanar website review Launched the Kondanar website ( Website is an innovativeinitiative of the Kondagaon district administration under which all theproducts of ‘Udan Mahila Krishak Producer Company Ltd.’ can be reached all overthe world through online e-commerce websites. Using website, youcan purchase products of ‘Udaan Mahila Krishak Producer Company Limited’ ofKondagaon from anywhere … Read more


MOBILE COMMERCE ! what is m commerce !HISTORY OF MOBILE COMMERCE IN INDIA MOBILE COMMERCE ! What Is M-Commerce The word mobile commerce first emerged at the launch of the global mobile commerce forum in the year 1997 defined by Kevin Duffey . According to Kevin Duffey “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, … Read more

Cgpsc Prelims admit card 2022

Cgpsc Prelims admit card download  ! @cg Psc admit card Prelims  Cgpsc Prelims Admit Card 2022 Download Exam Date, Roll Number can be checked from the official website and this page. Complete information about Cgpsc Prelims Admit Card 2022 will be available to you in our article today, so please read our article carefully. In … Read more

Chhattisgarhi Pronoun-छत्तीसगढ़ी सर्वनाम

छत्तीसगढ़ी सर्वनाम (chhattisgarhi Pronoun) सर्वनाम-                      सर्वनाम उस विकारी शब्‍द को कहते हैं जो किसी भी संज्ञा के बदले आता है। उदाहरण-                   दुकालू ह कहिस कि वोहा बजार जावत हे ।  (”वोहा” सुकालू के स्‍थान में ) राम ह सुकालू ले पूछिस कि तैं कब अइब/ आबे ?( ”मैं” दुकालू के स्‍थान में ) … Read more

Budget Speech 2022 Pdf Download

Nirmala Sitharaman’s Budget Speech 2022 -23 pdf  The union budget 2022-23is Nirmala Sitharaman’s fourth and the Narendra Modi government’s 10th budget.This year’s budget is also paperless. Union Budget Speech 2022 Pdf Download  Hon’ble Speaker, I present theBudget for the year 2022-23. Introduction 1. Atthe outset, I want to take a moment to express my empathy for those … Read more

Union Budget 2022 Pdf Download

Union Budget 2022 Pdf Download । Union Budget 2022 Highlights TheBudget for the financial year 2022-23 has been presented. Let us tell you thatfrom 2017-18, the date of budget presentation has been changed. Earlier, thebudget was presented and passed on February 28. At the same time, from 2017-18onwards, the Railway Budget is subsumed in the General … Read more